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     The child welfare system can be overwhelming, particularly since traumatic events have occurred in an individual's life.  Often non-offending caregivers have no guidance through a maze of the legal system and social service agencies.  Because maltreatment and trauma affects the entire community and very little funds and services are available, gaps that exist lend to victims falling through cracks. 

     This organization recognizes the problems within the system and proposes to examine the gaps in the social service system, fill those gaps and collaborate with other advocates to foremost prevent future abuse and trauma, and to finally support and empower children and families as they recover from abuse and trauma that has been experienced. 

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Child Empowered
You are the voice of the child who cannot speak.
Speak then, for if no one else hears you, the child will hear you, and in hearing, the child will have hope.
~ Anonymous
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How Can You Help?

We can no longer depend on government or other organizations to solve our society's problems. 
Cuts to budgets, lack of donations, and lack of grants indicate we need a serious change.

Child Maltreatment is a community issue, and therefore demands a community response. 
It affects us all - at the very least in our wallets!

How can you help?

Sponsor A Child

  • Hold a crying baby to relieve a stressed parent.
  • Give out a crisis number,
                     such as 1-800-4-A-CHILD
  • Bring a family a meal
  • Smile at a child
  • Volunteer
  • Donate to a child's charity
  • Read to a child
  • Report Abuse
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Become familiar with resources
  • Become a partner with Voices Empowered
  • Be active in policy change making decisions
  • Join your local child abuse prevention council
  • Vote for leaders who put children first

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